Rachel Davis

Teaching Assistant, Year 2 with TGP

Hello all! I’m Rachel Davis, I’m an LCAL student in my final semester at Lesley. This is my second year with the Girlhood Project, and my first in a TA role! After graduation I hope to find work with a nonprofit in the Somerville area, focusing in social justice oriented youth programming. I couldn’t be more excited to be working with this team!

Sydney Mansfield

Teaching Assistant, Year 2 with TGP

Sydney Mansfield is a graduating senior at Lesley University studying Counseling with a minor in Social Work and a specialization in Holistic Psychology. Sydney has worked with a variety of populations including women experiencing poverty and/or homelessness and adults in an inpatient psychiatric hospital. She has also done outreach work with an eating disorder non-profit in the Greater Boston Area. She has always been passionate about working with adolescent girls, specifically around the issues of body image and healthy relationships with food and the body. This passion is what drew her to The Girlhood Project in 2018, which is when she first became involved as a college student co-facilitator. Returning now as part of the leadership team, she hopes to further grow her own understanding of girlhood as well as help the new generation of college students through this exciting and challenging experience. 


She is currently applying to graduate programs for school counseling to begin in the Fall of 2019 and hopes to ultimately become a Licensed School Adjustment Counselor in a public high school as well as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Through these roles, she hopes to help adolescent girls navigate their own mental health and reclaim/redefine their identities as girls in a school setting.

Anais Ramos

Teaching Assistant, Year 2 with TGP

My name is Anais (A-nice Summer Day). I am an Education major with a Mathematics minor. I have been a teacher assistant at Everett high school, developed and taught curriculum for Citizen Schools programs in Charlestown and worked as a lead counselor during one of Cambridge’s summer program “Girls Empower”. I am currently a Director of an Interpreting Institute.

Girlhood is not a class, it’s a community where I have grown to listen to others, and to speak up for myself. I am very excited to continue this growth with you all!!

Shaniah Bartlett

Teaching Assistant, Year 2 with TGP

Hello people for change! While I’ve only been at Lesley for 3 semesters, 2 of them have been with the Girlhood Project! I’ll be graduating in May as a Children, Youth, and Families Studies major. I hope to work as a doula in the future, and with people, always. Having a single mom inspired me to work with strong females, which is why the Girlhood Project is so special to me! I can’t wait to see what unfolds this semester. Feel free to always show me pictures of dogs and baked goods!

Rianne Elsadig

Teaching Assistant, Year 2 with TGP

Hello Yall ! My name is Rianne Elsadig and I am a sociology major and nonprofit minor. At Lesley, I am been apart of USG , Multicultural student association and the Co-Lead the Bridge the Gap Conference. Being with Girlhood, has helped me grow so much and I am so excited to learn more and practice more!

Georgia Wyman

Teaching Assistant, Year 2 with TGP

Hi! I’m Georgia from Cambridge, MA. Besides pursuing my academic goals I love making art, particularly ceramics and fiber art. I am thrilled to be a part of The Girlhood Project because I appreciate being part of an intentional community that challenges me to deeply explore issues of feminism, racial identity, sexuality, gender, and youth activism. I’m looking forward to learning and growing together this semester!

Leidy Denise Aviles

Research Assistant, Year 4 with TGP

Hey friends! My name is Leidy Denise Aviles. Call me Leidy, Denise, or DNice!!

I graduated Lesley last year with a major in English // minor in education + women studies. I began as a student in The Girlhood Project my sophomore year. This year I hope to continue my personal research regarding the Latina/x Girlhood as the field is (unfortunately) understudied.  Girlhood centralizes on the unique experience we all bring to the table and consistent engagement with feminist pedagogy keeps me coming back each year. This course challenged me to tap into myself and it is still the most exhilarating yet liberating process.


I look forward to witnessing us ALL grow and nurture one another this year during TGP 2.0- after all, that's what Girlhood is about. 

Puja Kranz-Howe

Research Assistant, Year 3 with TGP

Hi! My name is Puja and I graduated Lesley with a major in Children Youth and Family Studies and a minor in Sociology. Last year Girlhood helped me to learn how important it is to balance being true to myself and also question my own opinions. We are all growing from each other and we need to fight to make space for everyone's voices. 

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