Our Model


The Girlhood Project relies on multiple frameworks that position girls as experts of their own experiences. By incorporating feminist pedagogy, intersectionality, and positive youth development, our college facilitators can create an environment where girls can be their authentic selves. 

How do we position girls as experts of their own experiences?

Feminist Pedagogy + Group Process
Positive Youth Development + Critical Race Theory 

Feminist pedagogy emphasizes the concept of co-constructing knowledge while avoiding

unbalanced power structures. In feminist pedagogy, learning is democratic and all voices may be

brought to the center.


Feminist group process is a means of identifying power dynamics in a group and striving for

balance. This balance is achieved through a great amount of self awareness and awareness of others

as a group aims to works towards a common goal.

Intersectional feminism is the idea that various identities can directly influence the way

 one experiences both privilege and oppression. Intersectionality can include race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and any number of other identities. These traits are interconnected and  deeply influenced by a variety of societal structures.

Positive youth development, according to Katie Clonan-Roy and Charlotte E. Jacobs, is a

means of developing competencies that include confidence, character, connection, caring, contribution, and ultimately resistance. This model is meant to be used to resist dominant perspectives specific to girls of color.

"I could always speak my mind, and I could always be able to share."

                                                                                                        -Laura, Middle School '16