Girlhood, Identity & Girl Culture

Course Overview

Girlhood, Identity, & Girl Culture is an advanced level sociology and service-learning course at Lesley University. This course introduces students to the “emerging/emerged” discipline of girls’ studies. We focus on the social and cultural construction of girlhood and how social categories of gender, sexuality/ies, race, class, ethnicity, education, and the media shape girls’ lives in contemporary U.S. society.



This course is the centerpiece of The Girlhood Project in which we apply theoretical understandings of girlhood and girl culture to our co-constructed intergenerational girls' groups. 

Topics include:

- A primer on body image

- Intersectionality and girlhood

- Critical media literacy

- Feminist approaches to positive youth development

- Adolescence and emerging identities

- Social construction of gender and sexualities 

"Organic, spectacular, magical, and inspirational."

                                 -Denise, College Student '16